Specialized in the development and production of rotomolding anti-corrosion equipment
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Wuxi Haixi Anticorrosive Equipment Co.,Ltd. Is an ISO 9002 quality system certified company and was established in 1987. Haixi is one of the first companies in China to research on, develop, manufacture and promote rotomolding anticorrosive equipment, and the Vice President of the Council of Rotomolding Committee of CPPIA.... MORE>>
RECOMMENDED PRODUCTSSuitable for chemical, environmental protection, sanitation, storage and transportation industries
From the current approach to chemical anti-corrosion equipment, and through the long-term monitoring and analysis of plastic chemical anti-corrosion equipment occupation, analyze the professional demand, supply, operation character...
  • In recent years, Chinas national defense rot occupation has been carried out rapidly under the promotion of industrial construction. Looking at the situation of the shopping mall at that time, the skill innovation has gradually bec...
  • Steel-lined plastic anti-corrosion pipeline chemical industry uses one of the most widely used anti-corrosion equipment, but there are many anti-corrosion pipeline manufacturers. Because of the short construction time, the experien...